We organise cool courses!

We offer consults for veterinarians, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, patients owners and anyone for whom anaesthesia, analgesia, intensive care and quality of life of animals is essential! We also organize training days and workshops on the subjects necessary for you, either in the form of seminars in lecture rooms, or on-site in your office or clinic. Different kind of training programs (eg, balanced multimodal anaesthesia, inhalation anaesthesia, local anaesthesia,  cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation (CPCR) ect. ect. ), prepared in collaboration with the client based specific needs. Would you like to buy a new anaesthesia machine, but do not know which one? You have a new anesthesia or intensive care equipment, which is unfamiliar to use? You plan to perform critical patient surgery and would like to discuss the case in advance with anaesthesiologist? Would you need an anaesthesiologist with a advanced monitoring equipment in your clinic to help to carry out a critical patient anaesthesia-surgery procedure? Patient's pain does not respond to the usual treatment of pain? If you have any questions related to veterinary anaesthesia, analgesia or intensive care ... Hesa Vet Medical Ltd. can help!