Prof. Dr. Heli Säre, DVM, Dr.Med.Vet., Cert.VA.

Prof. Dr. Heli Säre, DVM, Dr.Med.Vet, Cert.VA. Anaesthesia and Surgery Workshop is organised by Dr. Heli Säre,  who has over 10 years of work experience in the field of veterinary anaesthesia
 and intensive care. Aftergraduating from a veterinary university with a Master’s degree in 2002 Dr. Heli Säre continued in the Junior Clinical Training (internship 1 year) in the London Veterinary University, Queen Mother Hospital for Animals. After the internship she completed the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia Senior Clinical Training (residency 4 years) in the Veterinary Universities in London, Dublin and Vienna. In 2007 she obtained the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Certificate in Veterinary Anaesthesia. In 2008 she continued with her doctoral studies in Vienna Veterinary University and obtained her PhD in 2012. Last 5 years she has been working as a veterinary anaesthetist and lecturer in the Vienna Veterinary University Hospital. She has given several lectures and organised a workshops on the topic of veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia in Ireland, Austria, Finland and Estonia. Currently she is an Associate Professor in Anaesthesia, Estonian University of Life Sciences and CEO at Hesa Vet Medical and provides anaesthesia and intensive care management and support for Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian Veterinary Clinics and Research institutions.  Anaesthesia always presents a risk for animal- for mortality and morbidity, but learning systematic monitoring and having a good knowledge in veterinary anaesthesia will greatly help you to decrease the risks for the animals and provide better animal welfare in general by relieving pain and stress. This 1-day seminar dedicated to small animal anaesthesia is designed for veterinarians and veterinary assistants alike. At the seminar the following subject will be covered: modern methods of anaesthesia, techniques and medications in inhalation anaesthesia, how to avoid and recognise complications, and how to minimise and treat anaesthetic side effects.